In response to sportscotland announcement – Independent review of allegations of racism in Cricket in Scotland

In Response To SportScotland Announcement
December 8, 2021
Supporting you in the independent review
December 22, 2021
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In response to sportscotland announcement – Independent review of allegations of racism in Cricket in Scotland

Running Out Racism welcomes review, calls for early discussions on scope.

Running Out Racism is encouraged that sportscotland have taken the steps to publish details of who will undertake the review, the full scope of the review itself and a clear timeline along with the key activities.   We are pleased to see a commitment to sharing interim updates as the review is undertaken, in addition to publishing the report in full at the end.  

This is a good start.  Building confidence and trust in the process is key, and we therefore hope the nine independent investigators will spend the time to build this trust with key members of the community early in the process.   Confidence in the review itself rests on confidence in Plan4Sport, and the people they have entrusted with this vital piece of work.

Next week, we’ll be announcing details of further support which we will provide for anyone wishing to contribute to the independent review, but nervous doing so.   We’ll be there for anyone who wishes to do so, every step of the way.

Much of the coverage to date has been about direct experience.  However, many of the issues our sport face are related to the way our systems are setup, the way decisions are made, and who makes them.  And in particular the inaction and lack of prioritisation and commitment to true equality within our sport to date.    These are areas we intend to work with directly with those currently governing our game, through our representatives over the coming weeks.

We believe this has resulted in a set of structures which perpetuate racial inequalities and discrimination in our sport.  This must be given as much scrutiny through the review as the direct stories and experiences themselves.

We intend to ask for a meeting early in the process with Plan4Sport, to seek further details on aspects of the scope of the investigation, and share our thoughts on what must be included, in order for this review to look into racism fully within cricket in Scotland.  

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