In Response To SportScotland Announcement

PRESS RELEASE 03/12/2021
December 3, 2021
In response to sportscotland announcement – Independent review of allegations of racism in Cricket in Scotland
December 14, 2021
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In Response To SportScotland Announcement

Running Out Racism welcomes today’s statement by sportscotland, committing to an independent review of racism into Scottish Cricket.  They rightly recognise the need for a safe space, which is vital for many feeling able to share their experiences.  This goes some way towards meeting one of the asks of our campaign.

We also welcome the commitment to publish the report and recommendations, and are pleased sportscotland have demonstrated leadership in taking this on, independent of the cricketing bodies, who are likely to need to undertake significant changes as a result of this review.  Given the recent events and disclosures in cricket, and sportscotland’s UK wide sport collaboration #TellYourStory into tackling racism in sport, it’s clear these are big challenges.   We would encourage sportscotland to take proactive action across sport and it’s governing bodies to ensure all the building evidence and lived experience leads to genuine change. 

We note the commitment to publish full details of who is leading the review, and the scope, within seven days.   We would refer those involved in finalising this to our asks.  It is vital that those with lived experiences are integral to the review itself, so this positive start can be built upon and trust restored.  We would be happy to provide input over the next few days on how we think this can be achieved.

We look forward to hearing more on who will form part of the investigation review team.  It is vital that those appointed have prior experience of holding such a review.   Building confidence with people nervous about coming forward for fear of repercussions is absolutely critical to the review’s success.

Over the next couple of days, Running Out Racism will provide further details of support we will make available to those with lived experience of racism, to take part in the independent review.  

We intend to play a role in supporting anyone wishing to come forward, but nervous about doing so.   This support will not extend to counselling and ongoing care for those impacted by this issue, past and present.  We would strongly encourage Cricket Scotland to put this provision in place alongside the independent review as an immediate priority.

We continue to offer to work with any bodies going forward to get this right.   We intend to take a fair, but challenging approach to support cricket to repair the damage done by this issue, and rebuild to one free from racism, where anyone of any background can enjoy their cricket without fear of discrimination, or different treatment on any grounds.

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