Supporting you in the independent review

In response to sportscotland announcement – Independent review of allegations of racism in Cricket in Scotland
December 14, 2021
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Supporting you in the independent review

On 14 December, SportScotland announced details of an independent review into racism in Scottish Cricket. The review team are keen to speak to former players, administrators, umpires, staff and volunteers with their experiences of racism, and/or particular relevant evidence to support the enquiry. 

Some we have spoken to have experienced racism but think it’s too minor to perhaps come forward to share their views. Nothing is too minor, as it demonstrates trends, which help identify solutions. Racism comes in a number of forms, from direct slurs to differing treatment to others. These testimonies are vital to building a picture of different experiences in Scottish Cricket. Quite bluntly put, your views matter. 

We appreciate that for many- coming forward is a big step. We have therefore launched a support service with a number of trained advocates to assist you in the process. These trained advocates shall note your statement, canvass your wishes and shall guide you through the process. Please be advised that our advocates include those who have significant experience in noting down statements from vulnerable individuals in a sensitive fashion.

If you would prefer to run your experiences through our support network of advocates then please email us at and leave your contact details. One of our advocates will then call you to discuss your experiences and what support can be offered moving forward during the process.

Please be advised that anything you discuss with us shall remain confidential and prior to any information being shared with the review or any other third party we shall seek your full consent and support you through that process. 

If you would prefer to call us then please do not hesitate to contact our lead investigator Waqqas Ashraf on 07969065278. We look forward to hearing from you.

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