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December 8, 2021
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PRESS RELEASE 03/12/2021

Today, we launch the Running out Racism campaign. The campaign outlines the seven next steps cricket needs to take to move towards the eradication of racism in all it’s forms in our sport. We are launching this campaign, as currently we do not have adequate representation in all the different areas that decisions are made. Until that changes we feel we need an organised group with clear asks to work with those in a position to do so to make the changes required.

Our asks

  • Immediately and publicly accept that racism exists in Scottish Cricket.
  • Within the next two weeks, setup a full independent investigation, that looks into the extent of the problem. This should also act as safe space for people to come forward with their experiences and complaints. Those who have experienced racism should be integral in the setting of the scope of that investigation.
  • That all complaints and feedback within the investigation are acknowledged within five working days, along with clear and ongoing communication as to what happens next and when, throughout the process.
  • Within the next 12 months, education and training for all administrators, coaches, officials and committee members on anti-racism, and how to deal with allegations as they are raised.
  • An immediate review of disciplinary procedures and penalties to ensure racist behaviour (direct or institutional) is recorded as such and given appropriate sanction.
  • That within a month, a dedicated counselling service is setup for those that have been affected by this issue, past and present. That within 12 months, all institutions have representation on all committees, groups and boards in key decision-making positions that is proportional to the playing base in that area.
  • In order to address institutional racism in the game of cricket, we must be included in what happens next. The lived experience over the years have eroded trust in cricket’s institutions of many minority ethnic participants. However, we are willing to work with people to bring about the changes required. But this needs to be done with an admission of the problem, and a full commitment to working together and sharing the space to find a new way of working together for the greater good of cricket and society. We need to see commitment to actions that can rebuild this trust.

We invite all those who are considering what is next to reach out to us to discuss this further. We also invite others that are interested and passionate about seeing change to get in touch and join our group and campaign. You can pledge on our website and add your name or organisation to the list of those calling for these changes. We also welcome individuals willing to volunteer time to support the campaign.

We need good people, willing to give up some of their time to drive forward the changes that are now required. We welcome people from all walk of life, this group is inclusive in our mission to exact meaningful change.

You can contact us via our social media channels or website;

Twitter (@RunOutRacism)

Facebook (Running Out Racism)


Further press enquiries.

For more information or further enquiries, please contact;

Ammar Ashraf 07837 129845

Raza Sadiq 07791 896634

Paul Reddish 07585 048414

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