Our Vision

A future where institutional and individual racism no longer exists in Cricket in Scotland.

Who Are We?

A group of cricket lovers – players, administrators and fans – that want the current coverage on cricket in Scotland to lead to changes in the way our institutions are run, so that racism of all forms in cricket can be eradicated. We want to be part of the solution, and to have our say in what happens next. We currently do not have adequate representation in all the different areas that decisions are made, and have therefore created this group and associated campaign, outlining the initial steps that we believe need to be taken to start us all on this journey.


December 22, 2021

Supporting you in the independent review

On 14 December, SportScotland announced details of an independent review into racism in Scottish Cricket. The review team are keen to speak to former players, administrators, umpires, […]
December 14, 2021

In response to sportscotland announcement – Independent review of allegations of racism in Cricket in Scotland

Running Out Racism welcomes review, calls for early discussions on scope. Running Out Racism is encouraged that sportscotland have taken the steps to publish details of who […]
December 8, 2021

In Response To SportScotland Announcement

Running Out Racism welcomes today’s statement by sportscotland, committing to an independent review of racism into Scottish Cricket.  They rightly recognise the need for a safe space, […]

Pledge Your Support

There are three key ways you can help this important campaign.
Pledge your support by emailing info@runningoutracism.org with details of who the pledge is from – you as an individual (and your role in cricket) or your organisation / club or other body. If part of a body, please send a logo to add to the website. Volunteer your time and offer your skills, and join our small team of dedicated volunteers campaign and lobby for positive change. Follow us on social channels, and promote, retweet and support our cause publicly

Pledges will be updated fortnightly on the website, with the first set of pledges being added by 16th December.

Our Asks

Immediately and publicly accept that racism exists in Scottish Cricket.
Within the next week, setup a full independent investigation, that looks into the extent of the problem. This should also act as safe space for people to come forward with their experiences and complaints. Those who have experienced racism should be integral in the setting of the scope of that investigation.

Education for administrators, coaches, officials and committee members to be educated on anti-racism, and how to deal with allegations as they are raised.

Review Disciplinary procedures and penalties immediately to ensure racist behaviour (direct or institutional) is recorded as such and given appropriate sanction.

That all complaints and feedback within the investigation are acknowledged within five working days, along with clear and ongoing communication as to what happens next and when, throughout the process. That within a month, a dedicated counselling service is setup for those that have been affected by this issue, past and present. That within 12 months, all institutions have representation on all committees, groups and boards in key decision-making positions that is proportional to the playing base in that area.

Our location

Unit 44/45 Caledonia Business Centre Glagow Caledonia House, Evanton Place G46 8JT Thornliebank Glasgow

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